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Even though bedding is one of the last things you think of when it comes to dry cleaning, it's also an area that needs to be laundered most often. Sweat, dead skin and even dirt from everyday foot traffic can make its way into your bed at night. Pets that sleep with you also drag in dirt from outside. Bring your bedding to Joseph's Cleaners for a thorough cleaning.

Your heirloom and handmade quilts are in good hands with Joseph's Cleaners. We take the time and care to clean quilts without damaging the delicate work. Contact us today for a cleaning estimate.

Thorough cleaning for your home's bedding and valuable quilts

Bedding that is fresh, clean, and smells great can also make everyone in your home healthier through less contact with allergens. Improve your health with good sleep on fresh bedding by Joseph's Cleaners.

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Joseph's Cleaners, of Palm Deserts, CA have been facilitating residents of Palm Desert, Rancho Mirage, and Indian Wells, CA areas to enjoy good nights' healthy sleep for 20 years. They have been doing so by making their bedding as cleanest as possible, without stain or odor.

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